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Dissection Microscope: Sporeplay+

The SporePlay+ is the fastest manual dissection microscope in the world! An upright optical microscope built from the ground up specifically for single cell manipulation, with an extra-long working distance objective, a stage with click-stops in a grid and a micromanipulator that combines X, Y and Z control into a single joystick. The pencil-grip micromanipulator provides ultra-fine control of a glass needle for biological dissection in the microscope field of view. The familiar stage twist grip and the carefully integrated, highly-sensitive micromanipulator pencil grip are controlled in a relaxed, bench-top position.

Utilising a smooth-action stage with torque control and click-stops of adjustable pressure at 5mm increments and with grid positions set in two 12×4 orthogonal arrays, coupled with an integrated Index Pointer, the SporePlay+ is ideal for yeast and fungal ascospore dissection.

The SporePlay+ can be used for Ascospore dissection of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Schizosaccharomycespombe and other fungal and ascospore-producing species.

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Dissection Microscope: Sporeplay+