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Dissection Microscope: MSM 400

The MSM 400 Dissection Microscope allows users to successfully dissect tetrads and cells in a user-defined grid. In addition, it allows users to do mother/daughter separation (ageing studies) and automatically count discards for each position. In every MSM 400, the specially developed motor-driven stage and integrated micromanipulator are controlled with each hand in a comfortable position. The micromanipulator controls the needle, while the joystick controls all the basic functionality of the MSM400. Users can work ‘head-down’ using the binocular eyepieces or dissect from the video image on the screen when a camera is attached.

The MSM 400 accepts standard 90mm Petri dishes on which most tetrad dissections are performed besides supporting the use of rectangular SBS-dimension plates and glass slides with the Slide-Holder accessory . The MSM 400 comes with x4 and x20 objectives specially designed for tetrad dissection and the touch-screen computer has 1GB RAM and 30GB storage space. By adding a CMOS camera to the MSM 400 pictures can be taken besides being able to simultaneously view the cells through the eyepieces . The electronically controlled Microzapper provides an elegant way to separate spores, which at the touch of a button, will vibrate the tip of the needle. No more damaged agar or lost spores.


  • Ascospore dissection of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Schizosaccharomycespombe and other ascospore-producing species
  • Ageing protocols to study and record the replicative lifespan of mother cells
  • Screening protocols for documenting and revisiting cells of interest
  • Image-capture, storage and export

MSM 400 is undeniably the most powerful tetrad dissection workstation in the World. The built-in software contains useful protocols that automate many of the repetitive aspects in dissection, ageing, and screening studies.

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Dissection Microscope: MSM 400