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AcquityXpress High-Content Informatics Software

AcquityXpress™ Software provides cellular informatics for the Complete Imaging Solution from Molecular Devices and has been designed to address the needs of high-content data analysis at an enterprise level. The Software shares the MDCStore™ Database with MetaXpress® Software for seamless integration of image acquisition, image analysis and informatics.

  • Wizard-like interface to create advanced database queries and to compare multiple experimental conditions side-by-side.
  • Bi-directional interactive image viewer brings visualization of HCS data to the next level, facilitating data quality control through direct interaction between image and numerical data, in both directions.
  • Multi-parametric analysis and visualization tools such as K-Means, K-Medians, Hierarchical clustering, self-organizing maps are provided, in addition to standard tools such as curve fitting and scatter plots.
  • Dose response analysis and curve fitting to generate both potency measurements (EC50/IC50) with over 30 predefined functions or custom functions. Go beyond curve fitting by automatically organizing dose responses based on the "shape" of the response to give more insight into the data.
  • Data management and annotation tools assign experimental conditions (compound names, concentrations, and groups) to the images to ensure data is identified correctly. In addition, the "quicklist" feature tracks compounds or conditions of interests in multiple screens or data-views.

AcuityXpress Software stimulates the imagination with its unique way of creating interactive connections between images and analysis results. The unique and ground-breaking tool allows for direct interaction of image and numerical data at all levels and in both directions – from the detailed view of the individual high-resolution images to the global, high-level view of all of the image data in large screen.

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